Monday, April 11, 2011

Make application installations a breeze.

While working on your own or others computers you may need to install additional programs, for commonly used programs, check out it has a selection of popular programs that you can choose from then it will create a small (~250KB) .exe file that you can toss onto a flash drive. running this program will begin a completely automated installation of ALL of the programs you previously selected. all that is required is internet access, and enough space for the file to be installed. The way it works is it downloads the setup files for each program you selected, and automatically selects all the right options for you. it opts out of any toolbar or ride-along applications that are generally crap, and installs all of your programs automatically. I like to keep individual installation files on my flash drive at all times, as you never know when someone may need a program, and this makes it simple to install whatever is needed.

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